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I was just called by a person calling himself Eddy (he had an accent) My caller ID showed 865-793-7160. I told him I’d have to call him back and he gave me this number 1-415-280-4280. Anyway he said do you remember paying us $249.00 in 2015 for computer services and I said no. He said you don’t?? Anyway he said they want to refund the $249.00 for the BBB. He said I need to get on my computer and he’d walk me thru the process and it would take about 20 minutes. I said what info do they need and he said name, address, and how I want it refunded and I said what are the options and he said there are about 15 options and he can’t read them all to me but some by mail, into my bank account, etc. At that time I told him I’d call him back and he reluctantly gave me a number. I just feel like this is a scam as I have not paid anybody $249 for any computer service.

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By Ronald

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