Complaint: SocialDrift is a ripped me off. Beware!!!1) They stated my trial subscription was refundable within 3 days. I joined on a Sat. Mon was Labor Day so they were closed Sun and Mon. I tried to reach them on Mon for a refund and they would not issue it. 2) The reason I wanted to join is that I thought it was an automated service to bring you Instagram followers. But it is not! She told me just a few weeks earlier they changed how they operated and now they just give you advice on how to enhance your account with IG to get more followers. So for 39.99 every month, all they do is recommend adjustments you should make to your account. I told her this was not fair and the public needed to be aware of the change because when you google their name every website says they are an automated service to bring you IG followers and even on YouTube there are videos explaining how to adjust your settings on SocialDrifts so their automated system will bring you more followers. They should have on their website in BIG BOLD letters that they have changed the way they function but they don’t. Be careful once you give companies access to you IG account as I did. After I complained to them about their service and demanded a refund my IG went from approx 124 down to only 73 followers. Does that seem strange to drop that much? It’s common to lose a few followers but not a large amount quickly.

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By Ronald

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