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Complaint: it has come to my attention that this user’s website is fraudulent. Admin Name: Will Ramsey Admin Organization: Snow Files with domain u201csnowppd.netu201d we have gotten over 250 complaints about this person using this domain toFraud our Client base out of hundreds of dollars in CPA marketing.we have tried to contact the support department with littke to no luck. we did a background check for security reasons and it came back that Will Ramsey is in fact a minor the information used on his registrant is in fact all wrong.we are contacting you in hopes that we may stop this person in good faith. or at least get a warning out there to everyone.we have also sent out a network wide CPA Red Flag on this users website. we fully understand the repercussion’s on this matter but we you and I can not let this go on.people work hard for there money and when it comes to people like this we have to stop them.that being said I have also sent emails to PayPal virool facebook linked in and many more about this fraudulent user.I have also taken it upon myself to reverse dns his provider with the same information and emailed there hosting provide. I am hoping we can get it taken down before it becomes more of a problem and moves our of our hands to a legal matter.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA



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