Smartfares Lowell Massachusetts Review


I needed to book a ticket next month,and time was running out. So I did rush reviews and found Smartfares got 4 1/2 stars reviews which I thought they had a better prices and services. After I paid online, the itinerary and the confirmation # appeared and vanished in the blink of my eyes, I only have time to glimpse the first 3 letters of the confirmation #. So I called Smartfares imm and was told the data base was huge, I have to wait couple hours to receive the itinerary. I made another two calls last night and was hanged up rudely by the customer services. Again, I tried this morning, a lady asserted me she would send email to me and then hanged up. At my last call to Smartfares, a guy finally “honestly”” told me that I’ve to pay another $92 to get my reservation number

the confirmation # I got was only confirmed I agreed to reserve a ticket but not the finalized. nI called Amex to appeal the charges because the business was a fraud. However

they said besides the charges from airline there was $17 from Merchant E Solutions

but not Smartfares

the appeal would take several days for process and told me to call airline instead. Fortunately

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By Ronald

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