Smart Travel And Incentives Inc. Whittier California Review


We received vouchers given as gifts for a 3hr timeshare presentation we attended. One was for round trip airfare for two to any U.S. main airport. The second was for a car rental for 7 days. We jumped through their MANY hoops and followed their terms and conditions to the letter. First two hundred dollars to process the vouchers. Money orders were requested! Then we chose two dates 45days apart with the first one being presented (to them) 60days in advance of the first date. They responded, no availability. We repeated the process two more times and were given the same reason, no availability. Then they tell us the vouchers are expired! We were so disappointed and called them and got rude and dismissive employees. We emailed them several times. No answer. We wrote them twice asking for our airfare and car rental. No answer. We filed a BBB report and they contacted them. They answered and said our certificates were expired and they would not honor them. We are two low income seniors living in Ca. and were so excited to see relatives near Buffalo, NY after not seeing them for 10yrs and now cannot go! This would cost approximately $2500-$3500- and we can’t afford it. This company steals your money and gives you nothing in return. Do not send them any money. Is this how they make their paychecks by ripping off unsuspecting people? Unethical and immoral business practices to say the least!

801 International Parkway Lake Mary, Florida USA


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By Ronald

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