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Smart Key Prooerties charges $300-$500 for a “Credit Repair” service with a NO REFUND policy. If it doesn’t work you don’t get your money back. | A no refund policy on a credit repair service? This alone is shady. Even moreso, when you consider the Credit Repair Organization Act. This is designed to protect consumers from predatory services. This federal law prohibits companies from taking advanced payments before the credit work is FULLY PERFORMED. This company is asking for $300-$500 without a No Refund policy. | This company was recently formed. They have no online profile. Nothing on their site explains who they are. | Not only are they promoting a “credir repair” service, they also seem to be doing under the premise of a real estate corporation. On their site have a shady offering of listing homes for sale on the MLS for a flat fee. And a discounted “full service listing service” like a licensed Realtor would have on their site . There is no real estate license posted on the Smart Key Properties website. | The question of ethics and charging people up front for credit repair by this company was asked of a group of Realtors. Over 50 replied. If you are thinking og using this company read this: activerain . com / questions / show / 60318 / is-it-ethical–or-even-legal-in-your-state–for-a-realtor-to-charge-a–500-upfront-fee-for-a–credit-repair–service—this-company–smart-key-properties–of-altamonte-springs–fl-is-promoting-it-#861445 | review: I did some research on the company they claim to run “Smart Key Properies” of Altamonte Springs, FL. | They have a 3 recent websites built on Free Platforms at Wix and another free site. On all of these sites they are promoting a $500 upfront fee for “Credit Repair” service. See the “Credit Repair” service offer here on their websites: | smartkey properties. com / plans | homekey credit . zohosites . com / the-home-key-plan.html | mysmartkeyteam . com / Buyers / How-We-Serve-Buyers / Getting-the-Best-Financing – On this site it’s only $300 for the credit repair. | The only other thing online is a never used Zillow and Trulia profile under “Smart Key Realty”. | zillow . com / profile / TaylorSmartKeyRealty/ | zillow . com / profile / TaylorSmartKeyRealty/ | Any other reviews? Check out the reviews on their Facebook page. One review from a no name, no face , no profile user on Facebook. This reviewer gave them 5 stars for their credit repair? Nice. | The Facebook Page: facebook . com / smartkeyproperties/ | The faceless reviewer: facebook . com / profile.php?id=100004816691868 | If you’re in the market to spend $500 on some credit repair and the added bonus of “Real estate agent to assist you in locating a property…” then contact them. However, if things do not go as they expect, then look out for a slanderous campaign against you online. | Here are screenshots of their sites and the offer to charge UPFRONT FEES for credit repair. | Site #2: different Site. Same Plan. $500 upftont | Site #3: They run a discount on this site. Only $300 upfront for credit repair. | And finally…as the reprimand us for a no refund policy by writing: | “Reputable companies that stand behind their offerings typically have a money back guarantee….” | Well how about the Refund Policy on that Credit Repair Service? If your credit score doesnt go up, you dont get your $500 back! | The NO REFUND $500 upfront Credit Repair service from the Smart Key Property site:


  • Name: Smart Key Properties
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Altamonte Springs
  • Address: 1070 Montgomery Road
  • Phone: 407-584-7270
  • Website:

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