Complaint: This company no bad reviews no negative reports I then irdered $1800 of product to last for 6 months Once i made a payment I was sent to a fake shipping company I was contacted by the fake shipping co And was told I had to pay another $1,000.00 if I wanted my package released from customs in New Mexico. I also stated I was a vet and on a fixed income This $ took 6months to save for Plus I had been diagnosed with cancer This evil company wouldnt even give me my $$ back I also got info saying the monies was moved to a middle east names account in South Africa I was also asked if I wanted to purchase weapons I said no of coarse I just want the $ or product I know ive been ripped off I hope nobody else uses these thieves.

Tags: Attorneys General, Banking, Crypto Currency, Discount Internet Retailer, Products, Propane & Gas

Address: Beverly Hills, Ca, United States


Phone: (213)295-5464

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