Skye Hughes Boulder Colorado


Complaint: We hired Skye Hughes in Boulder after she interviewed and told us she has extensive background managing social media for non-profits. We hire her and paid her a $1,000 and when we called her reference he told us she actually supports herself as an escort nd tries to seduce men and then blackmail them for money. They had discovered her profile on Seeking Arrangements and other escort sites and fired her and she filed a bunch of sexual abuse charges with the police that never went anywhere because they were frauds. We telephoned her and confronted her and she denied everything, told us we were being “abusive”” and gang upthe phone. She ended up doing NOTHING for the $1

Tags: Non-Profit Charities, Non-Profit Organizations

Address: 000 and chnaged her phone # to avoid dunning calls. KRAAAAAZY Skye Hughes.”


Phone: Boulder, Colorado United States

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