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So you see the pop-up on your computer FREE trial, only pay shipping. Miracle face “rejuvenation” with Skincentric. You say free is good , try it. When I ordered this product fotr the free trial I emphatically told the operator guy “I do not want to find any other charges on my card, ever, or additional product without my express consent. He said he was only charging the shipping, So on the same Mastercard bill (weeks later ) I have a charge for $110.44 + $116.94! (cdn) Needless to say I hit the roof, I am on a fixed income and that is money I can NOT afford! I phoned them up (add long distance charges to the cost) and told them all this. All the guy would do was offer me 35% back and a cancellation of “membership” wich is automatically assumed with your trial! GRRRR Costly mistake thinking something is free as advertized.


  • Name: Skin Centric
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: El Paso
  • Address: 22 Sun Point
  • Phone: 866-215-1062
  • Website:

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