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I was called on January 7, 2019, at 7 PM, about a claim I authorized a charge, when not true, and asking for more money, a $400 extra charge, according to They are also known as Skiptrip Unlimited, and Skiptrip. | After asking numerous times for information to help me investigate there claim that my PayPal account(s) were charged, they transferred me over to a manager at (Skiptrip), who acted incredibly hostile, and asked whether I was going or not. The rude and inadequate behavior and claim that I was “playing games” felt to me personally as an extortion call at this point, and I felt incredibly uncomfortable. These individuals were getting nasty with me and these were the ones the kids, who will also very likely be aggressive to them. | One of the users, Joshua Miljenovic, claims (Skiptrip) “After the bus broke down we were lied to for more than 12 hours” and “The company had NO ONE available to assist with getting this trip back on track.” and “They had no contingency plans and the trip is being canceled.” “We won’t ever use ski travel unlimited again and we wouldn’t recommend them to ANYONE .” | Another claim by a fellow victim of there abuse. | “hey don’t even pay their employees who attend the trips!” ” I will go to every college around my location and take down every poster and flyer of yours and continue to write reviews and post on social media to warn people about your company.” | I highly suggest people avoid this company to avoid the acclaimed bullying, rudeness and broken down bus experiences others have claimed to have experienced, and the outright nerve of the allegement that THEY DO NOT PAY THERE EMPLOYEES, which means this likely COULD mean a less insensitive to take care of our children! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!


  • Name: Ski Travel
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Fairfax
  • Address: 4041 University Dr Suite 305
  • Phone: (703) 425-5400
  • Website:

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