Sit’n Sleep Stores And ASleep Well, Inc. West Covina California Review


My husband an I purchased a I King size mattress at Sit’n SLeep store located at City of Industry in California. The Store Manager by the name of Jason Mc Carron directed us to one of the good mattress made by Airelon. We requested good mattress free of latex and polyester due to health reasons. The mattress in display was good. He indicated that it was latex free, no polyester and 25 years warranty. nHe also indicated that all details and information about the materials used to make the mattress will be suplied at deliver day with the new mattress. We believed him and trusted his knowledge and possition as a manager. The mattress arrived a week later, the same momemt we received it, we called him letting him klnow that the mattres was no the same as the one we chose at the strore. We went to the store again, and told him the above. nHe insisted that we must use the mattress a least 30 to 60 days before any exchange could be made. On speculation mood he statated that probably the manufacture used wrong materail or did no pass quality control. I slept great part of one night on the mattress and could not sleep one more night, my husband tried two nights could not sleep one more. The mattress is very hard with uneven surfaces is very lumpy all over and I has a hard spot extended by the center. nI referred this to the manager, he stated that the mattress was made to be used by two people only.(Ja! Ja!Ja!) So,right now I am soo determined to take this complaint as far as I can, because I am not willing to lose my $2,705.00, only because the crooks found the way to still money from hard working and decent people. Please click on: (((link redacted))) nVirginianWest Covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.

14300 South Main Street , Gardena, California U.S.A.


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