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I was involved with a meetup group to meet new people and make hope to make life long friendships. It has always been a dream of mine to travel to different places and one was Hawaii and I hoped that someday I would make it, (on my bucketlist). One of the members had a travel service business and told many other ladies about this wonderful trip. I thought my dream was coming true and the price was not bad, $1375. We could pay monthly installments and we would get an invoice each month. I was excited as I watched the price of the trip go down. Knowing each time I was closer to my trip of a lifetime. Also included in that trip was a tour of Pearl Harbor, a luau and room with a view of the beach. Who would not be excited. Well the air was let out of sails when I found out the trip was not going to happen and it fact my money had been stolen. There were not plans of any kind of trip, no airline reservations, no view of the beach. My heart was broken and then reality set in that I had been scammed and lost my hard earned money. I am a trusting person and like to see others success, but not at my expensive. She violated friendship, and trust in businesses. She was promising something she knew would never happen and destroying a life long dream all at the same time. This person should be ashamed and want to make this situation right. She acted like she did not care and it was not her problem. She did not try to help get our monies and then on top of all that claim she was using a 3rd party company and who know if that was true. Please do not get involve with sistaz that travel she will destroy your dreams.

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