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I purchased a 2013 BMW 650i from Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove on January 27th 2018. Not even 12 hours after I bought the car it started having issues, revealing a “Drivetrain malfunction” warning message on the screen which caused the car to heavily vibrate and eventually would not let me press on the gas, and now the car is completely undrivable. The next morning I told them about the issue, and they offered to repair it for free because of a recall on that specifics car engine. After they repaired the vehicle 2 months later the same message comes up, but the car still is driving fine, except it takes longer to get up to a certain speed when accelerating. I told them it has happened again, but I instead took it to BMW of Glendale, CA. The took it in and said it was a programming error, and I was fine. A week later I came back from vacation and my car would not start up. I had it towed to BMW and they attempted to fix the problem by charging it overnight amongst other things. They came to the conclusion that the malfunctioning motor caused the engine to cease on the car. Now I had the car towed back to the dealership where I bought it, and have been in contact with Darren Frank the Pre-Owned vehicles General manager. He stated that he is willing to see what they can do to resov;e the issue, but is refusing to actually replace the motor of the car. I felt very disrepected because a cars engine does not cease within 3 months of purchasing it, so my believe is that they did not corrctly inspect the car before they sold it to mne, and sold me a faulty vehicle which is illegal. Still refusing to cover the cost to fix my engine, he gave me a solution to where i would purchase the motor, and they wont charge me the labor to do it. I asked him why isn’t he paying for the whole job since he’s the one who sold me the deffective car, and simply responds with “because we don’t want to”, which I think is very unprofessional with someone of his caliber, and disrepectful to the customer. Now I have taken it up with the better business bureau to file a complaint on Darren and Simpson Chevrolet regarding the repairs to my vehicle.


  • Name: Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Garden Grove
  • Address: 10150 Trask Ave
  • Phone: 1 714-656-2802
  • Website:

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