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We purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress trade label name Fleicity. NO FLIP. After 5 years a depression of 2 inches is embedded in mattress. We were told that it was not necessary to flip this mattress. This impression is uncomfortable. nAter talking with Cust. Serv. rep. we were told that the depression had to be more than 1.5 inches to be warranted. nThey sent out a Inspector and he said the depression was 2 inches deep and that the mattress had normal soiling. nThe reply we received from Simmons was that there was no structual failure in either the mattress or box springs/foundation. and that stains or soilage was found present which negated the Warranty coverage. nThere are no stains other than normal soilage on this mattress. nWe would have been much better off buying the mattress that had to be flipped and rotated. nThe NO FLIP mattress is JUNK. nLeonardnTrinity, TexasU.S.A.

1900 Beaver Ridge Circle Norcross, Georgia U.S.A.

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