Sim DVD Superstore Kincardine Ontario Review


As I read other dissatisfied consumers reports, I see this was a centralized incident of fraud around Christmas time. Pretty crappy really as many Disney DVD’s are placed away and are unattainable for childrenin the future, well until Disney themselves decide to release them. As such Parents resort to finding a copy in other places, only to be terribly dissappointed when it arrives and is in a completely different languagewith scenes missing. There is no contact information available to return these products, as when u return to the web site it now says Sim DVDS Australia and New Zealand. Where in December they were Sim DVDS United States, also when u try and log back in under your email address you had to provide to order this junk they no longer recognize your account as if POOF itnever happened. What a bunch of baloney and I truly hope someone is able to deal with fraudulent affairs like this happening sometime in the future.

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By Ronald

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