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STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOTEL!! I booked a one-night stay at the Silverbell Inn in Tucson, AZ and upon arriving at the location, I could already tell that what was posted on both Expedia and on their website was false advertisement. The room was cheaper than other motels in the area and when purchasing, there was a “no-refund” policy that they had implemented, which was not stated on the Expedia site. When checking in, the staff was extremely rude and were very slow and unattentive to us while we were waiting to check in. After 20 minutes of waiting to get checked in, we paid our room and was told that we needed to have an extra charge for a key, which was NOT stated on the Expedia site when reserving the room. The gentleman working the front was very rude about this and said that we would not get a key without paying the deposit. When arriving into the room, it was extremely smoky, when we requested a non-smoking room and had a non-smoking sign on the door, the door looked liked it had been broken into in the past since the door hinges were dented, the sheets were ripped, stained and looked downright dirty, the tub had black mold, the TV and remote was broken, the mirror was broken and last, but not least the bed had double sheets to hide the large number of bed bugs that the bed had, which was absolutely disgusting! We checked in, left the room and motel in hopes of finding a better place to stay in, went back to the motel and decided to ask for a refund. We even collected a bed bug from the bed to show the staff. When asking to speak to the manager, the man that was running the desk at that time was even more rude than the first and said that there were no refunds and that he would just change our room. I was already skeptical about the motel, so we had just decided to leave. They returned our deposit for the key and left immediately. This motel needs to seriously be inspected by a health department, because it is not fit to be in business AT ALL. Along with their rude staff, they have veru unsanitary room conditions and have false advertisments online about their location and ameneties. I am doing research to see who I can report them to, but decided this would be best so that the greater public could see how bad this location was and is. Please, stay away from such filth and rude people. It is not worth the cheap price that they advertise! If you want to bring health issues into your life and bed bugs into your bed, then this would be the place to go to. I would not reccommend this business even to my worst enemy! .

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