Silver Financial Cloud – You Will Never Pay It Off

Silver Cloud Financial is just one of four online lenders owned by Habematolel Pomo Indian Tribe. They are well known, now for ripping people of thousands of dollars.For years they have been charging triple-digit interest for small loans. People caught on to the scheme and started to leak the bad reputation that they had built for themselves.I was a victim of their scam. I invested in their company years ago when they promised me that my loan would not increase over the years. I was locked into my interest rate, according to the representative I spoke to. | Months went by and I noticed that the payment that I was making was higher than I had agreed to. I had not changed anything on my account profile either.I called to fix the problem, but when I spoke with a representative, I was told that nothing was wrong by rate had just gone up since I had not paid off the loan.I was lied to and now I was going to be paying back 10,000 more dollars than what I had signed up for. It was only going to go up from there. I did not know what to do! I hope that these guys get shut down.

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