Complaint: I recieved a robo-call from them from a number local to my business. From the nature of the call, I identified that it was a b2b telemarketing call. Upon telling the sales agent that I was not intrested in any business advertising or marketing services the agent proceeded to deny that their company did that. Telling him no once more, he became very rude and told me that he will just find another business that is open for business and work with them. Before I could get a word in edge wise, he had hung up. Upon trying to return the call several times, my call was disconnected before it rang. If a company has to employ agressive telemarketers, this is usally a sign that something is fundemantally wrong with their product. Either they have a high customer turnover rate, have a high debt to income ratio or have a crappy product or service to offer. I recieve many calls like this on a regular basis being a small business. Until now, I have never had one of these companies behave the way this one did when I told them I am not intrested. The fact they employ and allow such agressive telemarketing techniques should be a major red flag to anyone considering working with them. This company has a huge number of complaints on the BBB. Do your homework before working with any company, espically if they cold call your business. Any reputiable company will be polite on the phone and immediatly identify the nature of why they are calling when asked.

Tags: Computer Marketing Companies

Address: Internet USA


Phone: (855) 606-4900

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By Ronald

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