Shyon Clark – Covington, Kentucky Kentucky


Me and this man got together in 2009 built a life together had a family together we have four little boys together In February I seen him messaging this female on fb telling her he had a snake she could play with and all this so I woke him up like who the hell is this he said its just his co worker and it was just harmless conversation I got pissed he said he wasn’t going to message her any more. But come to find out I had to go get surgey done and the day of my surgery he went and had sex with this same woman. While I was sleepong he started disappearing saying I gotta leave for work early or I’m going to the store I’ll be back or some excuse like that but later on I find out he was going to her house every single time told her and a co worker that he wasn’t with me we weren’t together… || he hadn’t been with be in awhile lying to them but of course they didn’t know any better because that’s what his sorry ass does is lie so ok so when everything got brought to the light he decided to leave me for her after almost seven years of building a life with me and with him leaving left me with no way to work or no one to watch our kids while I went to work (oh did I mention I bought a vehicle but had to put it in his name cause I didn’t have a license at the time this was in February and her refuses to give me my van so Me and my kids now have to walk everywhere and he stole my permits so I couldn’t even take the test to get my license) but i ended up loosing my job and my place of residence that we had gotten Together in dec 2014 but he continues to drive her around in my van do things for her and her son but disses his own boys so MY SORRY ASS EX SHYON CLARK IS A HOMEWRECKER.

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By Ronald

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