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My boyfriend and I have been together for three and a half years now , I feel in love with him as soon as I met him. He is 12yrs younger than me before I got with him I was with my ex boyfriend for 22 yrs. but I had to end that. My boyfriend Yahya worked at McDonald’s for 3 yrs. . In 2013 I found out by accident that he was cheating on me , know I an A firm believer that all woman have inter wishen and I felt as though he was doing something but I didn’t know what. after putting phone tracker on his phone never finding a number that would be a woman I said this man cant be that good and what he was doing ,…but he was . I received phone calls from girls asking me can Yahya go out with us now I am not A fool but apparently these girls thought I was ! I cursed those bitches out and was like who does that ? like I was going to say oh honey your friends wants to go out tonight , hell no! so then I turned to him and ask who are these girl’s whores calling my phone. he would reply with” baby I don’t know I swear to Allah” my boyfriend is from Somolia and very handsome. so after that phone call I stayed suspicious they would call and hang up o.k that’s petty but it started to get more clearer that he was cheating I finally check his phone calls and wahla the Bitch at his job answered I was so surprise that it was the his coworker Shykila she gave me her name not knowing that it was his woman stupid bitch. I asked her why was she on the phone with my man and why was he calling her I was pissed this bitch looks like A whole horse no neck ratchet hoe. o,k so she was like I don’t know why he called and don’t call my number anymore, cool since I really didn’t know at the time that he was smashing (fucking) her out! So A couple of months would go by with out a problem and Boom! another phone call this time I was not playing I gave that bitch my address and waited for her to show up. || I wanted to kick that ass she was disturbing my home , she even had the balls to say you don’t know what your man is really doing. I said no you tell me but that’s all I needed to hear so I handed my man the phone and ask him to ask this bitch (horse ace) if she knew him he had a look like he was about to get a spanking from his momma, he asked her and I grab the phone back I had enough I told her look bitch this is my man and if you want him come and get him! so of course she was A no show o.k. He told me that it was girls at his job that was playing around it took alloy of convincing before I believe him. after that no more phone calls came I was waiting every time the phone ranged. we moved into our first home together I was so happy to be sharing A home with the man I love so much. But after A month being in our home I received A phone call from my lil sister whom I haven’t talk to in A few months she ask me why was my boyfriend at the women’s center with this girl ? my blood started to boil! he had just got home and he told me that he was taking his nephew girlfriend to the clinic because she was pregnant. so that what I told my sister I then talked to my niece who was with my sister because my niece was pregnant and that why they were there. I had my niece call the girl who she already knew and ask her some questions so she did and found out that my man is with that bitch horse face shykila and that she was pregnant by my man . Shykila didn’t have A clue about the girl questioning her was my niece. after finding that out I snapped on my man and had him give me that bitch number!!asap! he did and she ran every detail down to me about their relationship. I was crushed I thought the man I love and gave everything up for could be trusted but he betrayed me the girl and I say girl because horse face Shykila was 22 knew me as Yahya woman and they worked together all that time I would never thought that he would mess with no neck trash like that it is truly pittyful that men just don’t think with their top head instead of the bottom head she recently had the baby and he has nothing to do with her , he says that the baby is not his because she was just A hoe he fucked. I forgave him and we are getting married Cheaters should know that they are making bad decisions when they involve themselves into extra curricular activities and think more about who gets hurt I never in my lifetime felt so much pain and to this day I am still recovering . Thanks for reading my story.

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