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I ordered a pair of shoes from They claim to have all types of Nike shoes for under 100 dollars. Once I placed my order I received an email stating my order would be shipped in 2 business days. Two days later, I received another email saying that the shoes I ordered were out of stock and could I choose another pair. I sent a reply saying I did not want another pair, and to refund my money. They charge you taxes and about 10 to 12 bucks for shipping. Not only did they complete the charge, but continued to send me numerous emails asking me to please pick another product. After sending them an email in bold print requesting my money or I would open up a fraud investigation through my bank, they only refunded the cost of the product plus taxes. They kept the shipping fee, although they never shipped the product because it was never in stock. When I complained about it, they claimed that some processing fees may be retained. I have since opened a fraud investigation with my bank. Its been almost 3 weeks and I’m still waiting for the remaining balance to be refunded back to me. I’ve also heard from other consumers that the shoes are not authentic.

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