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I was reading my news feed on the web and all of a sudden my screen went red and a box popped up and read call this number your mircosoft account is in trouble. I could not do anything on my computer it was locked. Unknowing I called the number and then these scammers, that’s right I talked with two different people started to tell me all about my computer and had access to all my information in the main part of the computer. I sat here helplessly watching these people make changes in some parts of the computer and take there red pen and make circles all over like they were showing me stuff ,like my IP address and all the foreign address that were making all these attempts to hack my system. They also were trying to get me too buy addition software like Blukware, they called it, for 90.00$ I said no, but they were instant that I get on the phone with my charge card company and charge a purchase of 499.99 for two years and once a month they would go in and make sure my computer was protected. They were calling themselves Microsoft employees to help recover the computer. I do have my credit card protected with the fraud department and for security purposes they would not autherise the transaction but I asked them to put it through for a one time purchase and then I magically had my computer back. I called my sister and she put the phone number in and said I was hacked. So now Ive been busy redoing all passwords, changing emails and wiped the computer back to a restored point. Now all I can do is report this information and hope to God I can recover from this and no more of my hard earned money gets lost.

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