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ECM has a slogan that they are the company that cares. That slogan is false advertising. They are the company that is happy to rip you off. Our heat relay switch burnt out wich caused the A/C componet to burn out. A call was made to ECM for a repair and they ordered and replaced the A/C componet but, had to order the heat relay switch. Needless to says they made 4 seperate trips each time they came out with the wrong part.After a few month’s went by I called to find out why the heat relay had not been replaced yet and was told the part was on someones desk and they would be out the next day to replace the part.We have not had to use the heat since this happened in June. Last night it was 50 degree’s outside we turned it to the heat and NO heat. I called ECM this morning and was told they would not warrenty it because I was past the 30 days even thought the part was put in in the summer and heat was not need. I spoke to the Director of Service, Nate and he said I would have to pay for them to come out to fix what should have been fixed to begin with , I aks to speak with the owner of ECM and was told he never comes in and would not return my call and would turn it back over to Nate.I was not about to pay them more money so I called another A/C company. They came out today and said that the part was not even hooked up and wires we left loose. I guess this is the way ECM makes money by doing the job half and charging you more to do the job right?After paying the A/C company $187.00 today we have heat.So the slogan that ECM has which the company that cares, really doesn’t care. There just out to rip you off!

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