Sherry Fauris – Franklin, Indiana Indiana


Sherry Fauris lives in Franklin, Indiana works in Bargersville at a local brewery (TM) where she prays on married men and once she breaks up the home then she turns on the man and sleeps with his brother, cousin, or best friend in order to move on to her next victim. She’s done all 3 to her last 3 men. She is so morally bankrupt she slept with 2 of her teenage daughters boyfriend’s while the daughter was at school. All while placing ads and answering ads through local personals. She is a self admitted pathalogical liar who said she is supposed to be on meds for her mental issues but is delusional and believes she isn’t the problem but everyone else is. She actually believes her own lies and refuses to take any responsibility or to be held accountable for her own actions. If you value your relationship don’t ever take your man to that place she works.

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By Ronald

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