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I am making this report in response to several people who have complained about police gangstalking in and around the Jefferson County, and Stephens County areas. Police gangstalking is a term that describes the harassment and stalking involved due to covert surveillance. It does not just involve police officers. It can and has involved many citizens of a community, but mostly city employees and government workers. If you are unfamiliar with how gangstalking works please do a search on youtube under iceman cometh. There are also many other websites that explain how gangstalking works. This is basically a post 9/11 2001 agenda set forth by the government. City and government employees are encouraged to report suspicious behavior, or individuals who disagree with the government or government policies. The “See something Say Something” policy set forth by Homeland Security has also promoted police gangstalking. Let’s say you have a neighbor. We’ll call that neighbor “neighbor A” Neighbor A doesn’t seem to fit in with society in general. The neighbor listens to music that no one in the community listens to, Neighbor A likes to dress in different fashions, Neighbor A voiced an opinion about government in a way that isn’t appropriate according to the standards set forth in a community. Neighbor B is a farmer who dresses like everyone else in the community, listens to the same music, and believes government is good. Neighbor B has heard Neighbor A voice his opinion, and thinks he might be a danger or threat to the government. So neighbor B contacts neighbor C who is a cop, and suggests that they keep an eye on neighbor A. Neighbor C agrees and sends a National Security Letter to Wasington D.C. staying that neighbor A is a threat to national security. What happens? Neighbor A is put on a list of potential threats to national security. So the cops began harassing neighbor A. They follow neighbor A where-ever he goes. One day they flash lights on neighbor A and pull him over. Neighbor A is harassed and bullied during the traffic stop and as a result yells at the cop. The cop then makes an internal log about neighbor A called an Officer Safety Bulletin. The cop states that neighbor A acted suspiciously and refused to answer questions. And just to get neighbor A in more trouble the cop adds something like “very dangerous subject, May be armed” So neighbor A is then added to another list, the neighborhood watch list. Whenever neighbor A travels anywhere neighbor A is followed and watched constantly. In some cases neighbor A is intimidated by cops or citizens who have been hired to watch and follow neighbor A. Noise campaigns, as well as color sensory campaigns( such as everyone involved in the gangstalking activities wear’s only red shirts). One wrong move and neighbor A could be arrested or possibly shot by the police. This is a basic scenario of how police gangstalking works. Over the years I have noted many of the gangstalkers in the Waurika area. Most of these police gangstalkers are government or city employees. In some cases they are family members of government employees. Some may get paid for the cause stalking and some do it believing they are doing a good thing for their community. Remember, this is what happened in n**i Germany. I have decided the only way to expose these police gangstalkers is to list who is involved according to my personal experiences. Some of these people may get paid a salary for their covert surveillance or neighborhood watch programs. and some may not. In the Jefferson County Oklahoma area, and the city of Waurika the gangstalkers are under Sheriff Michael Bryant. They include Wesl Reed, Stepven Dyer, Denis Gay, Kimbernli Berry, Tracy E. Smith, Annie R. Medlinger, Sandra L. Watkis, Tammee Richardson, Billy Kid, Tye Phillips, Rik Martin, David Hammon, Waid Dubin, Derek Durbin, Gerald Neuwerth, Josch Berry, Sheela Wall, Dennis Johnston, Gary Whittingtonn, Antony Snider, Chucky Cheese Brown, Brad Scot, Jim Freda, Roberts, and Benny Adkis. If you see these people remind them that this is America, not n**i Germany, Moscow, Russia, or Red China! Thank you for taking your time to read my report.


  • Name: Sheriff Michael Bryant
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Waurika
  • Address:
  • Phone: 580-228-2375
  • Website:

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