Shenzhen Foksy Garmet & Watch Co LTD Kailua-Kona Hawaii Review


The people at this company are not “readt for prime time””. They do not know how to treatwestern customers. They folloow the line that the customer is always wrong! I bought two of their automatic self winding watches to examine them and see how they worked. My thought was importing them for my watch business.I After I recieived them I was pleased with the way one looked but the other looked cheap and poorly made. I inspected it under a jewlers lope and found the crown had poor plateing. The othe watch

though attractive had mechanical problems from the start. The rotor that makes the watch self winding could not make a full rotation

therefore it could not fully wind. It stooped working while still on my wrist. I wrote them emails about my experience and told them I understood manufacturing issues and I would accept replacement product. They did not believe me and insisted I ship them back at my expence. After going to Alibaba through there dispute process they agreed to pay the return shipping and refund my money. I shipped the product back

emailed them a reciept copy. they acknoeledged they received the product but they had none of the problems I complained about

they said they would refund my money

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By Ronald

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