Shelly Gaddis a.k.a James Gaddis, James Kelly, Robert Kell)


SHELLY GADDIS OF GOODWATER, Al IS A MENtally ill male. He has no children due to being sterile but pays for kids by other men like one by his cousin Tommy G. Oden. SHELLY SLEEPS WITH MIYOKA BERRY THE OLDEST KID THAT ISN’t HIs. Gaddis fondles Tommy’s kid Nadia and l. Chapman’s kid lillian. Gaddis gives these women $37/wk. To lie that these are his kids when folks n Alex City and etc. Know better. He is said yo also had sex with a gay male called LoVE. Perhaps that’s because gaddisn uncle has supposedly molested him. All ladies and men need to stay away from shelly wbo is supposedly also carrying a std disease.

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