Shelley Dewberry Hayden, Alabama Alabama


Shelley first, who denied everything. She explained she was just friend with my husband and he had set up for her deceased father to have Military Honors at his funeral, and how her father adored my husband. I knew he had done this a while back, but didn’t know how far their relationship had gone! I was able to access several other messages, to which he couldn’t deny they had been having an affair for several months in MY home, in HER home, and in a friends house! || Shelley changed her number and deleted her facebook page as soon as she discovered I knew the truth! I contacted her ex-husband and when I explained his wife was sleeping with my husband his response was”Oh your husband is James?” — UHHH NO!! But I’m sure James’ wife would really like to know this as well! — Shelley is a badge bunny, so James May be a police officer! || BEWARE!! She just got new boobs and is preying on married men!!

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By Ronald

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