Shell Vacations Club albuquerque New Mexico Review


I have been a member of Shell for about ten years. We were subjected to very high pressure sales, and promised a “free cruise”” only to find out we had to buy a cruise to get the free cruise. When we could not afford their Base package

they “”designed”” a package that we could afford with 1250 points. This small of a package is useless

of coarse shells response to this is to buy more points so that we can “”enjoy “” our membership. nToday I tried to call and use my points to rent a car

(this was another advantage to Shell

if you can’t vacation you can use points for airfare and car rentals) A rental car that was going to cost me 288.00 was going to require over 4 thousand points! The “”maintenace Fees”” on my 1250 points is over 350.00 a year. nI was young and foolish when I purchased

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By Ronald

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