Shelby Taylor Goff Arkansas Arkansas


My now husband had this”Shelby” girl as a coworker. We were engaged back in 2010. Living together and she knew we just got engaged and she kept calling him. Texting him. Taking pictures and posting them on Facebook so I would see them. And make statuses about how he likes her. Trying to walk out from work to their cars together. She would send him pics and he finally tagged along and I found out he changed her name in his phone as his bosses name. || We later worked things out and she came back along. Trying to talk to him.”Be a guy friend” to him. I found out they did sleep together so it wasn’t just a friend thing. I came over to give Christmas present to my boyfriend. She was there…She went away for a while. My husband and I got married in 2014. She came back around trying to tell him she saw me partying with other guys the week before the wedding. Then shows up blowing his phone up. Coming up with reasons to see him. I come home from a girls night and see her car. In my driveway…. She was on my couch that I bought. Drinking a beer!! In my house. Next to my husband. Saying she’s just here for him and all kinds of bull. How I didn’t go get my baseball bat and bash her brains in I don’t know. Other than the fact I stayed classy while she was an overweight white trash slut. || She has no boundaries. And some random person I talked to in a tanning salon- a guy- even guessed who this girl was. She’s a homewrecker. And always will be. You can’t trust this non classy whore excuse of a girl around anyone. She could never be professional. Warning for all in work environments and others.

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By Ronald

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