Sheena Alford-Jacobus Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa


So let me start 21 years ago when I meet sheena. We were best friends in high school. Her & her husband mike got married at 18. Mike & I didn’t always get along so Sheena & I drifted apart. || Fast forward to 2013. I reconnected with her on facebook. We talked & hung out. I introduced her to my husband of 9 years Tony, she introduced Mike to Tony. We would all hang out. I had a newborn & she was one of the only people that didn’t make me feel bad when including him. || February 2014 I found out that I was pregnant again. Total shock. Wasn’t expecting to find out pregnant when my baby was only 5 months old. She was there. Helped watch my son if daycare issues, bought the big boy car seat for me, went to the hospital with me when I didn’t feel the baby move. || I had my baby August 20th. She was the first of my friends to come see the baby. She helped out when she could because my husband worked 10 hour days & I had an 11 1/2 month old & newborn. || October husband and I start having problems. I would talk to her because I trusted her. || November my husband starts a fight with me over something stupid & starts saying I’m the worst thing that ever happened to him, he hates me, hasn’t been in love with me for years & he wants a divorce. I let it go & things got better between us. || Christmas Eve, I left with her to go get my nails done. I was gone 2 hours. I got home & he flipped out. We got into because I’m inconsiderate & stupid. We have kids to get ready & now we will be late for Christmas Eve with my family. Mind you he snapped on her & kicked her out of the house. || I found out on 26th that they had been texting all night Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Like ALL NIGHT & DAY. 4200 text messages from 1st to 26th. Just to each other. So I confronted her. She admits they are in a relationship, she was gonna leave her husband and my husband was leaving me & they were gonna move away together. || Monday her husband & her start fighting. He threatened to kill my husband & our kids. So my husband came and got me from work to protect the boys & he”handles” the situation. He came home & we talked. Like actually talked. For hours. We decided to work on us, rebuild the foundation for our boys. I went to work yesterday & looked at phone bill again & they are texting. I texted her & asked her to stop. She repeatedly said she would & the next time I would look there were more texts. Now my husband isn’t innocent by any means. He is just as guilty. But she is trying to fix her marriage so stay the fuck outta mine. || So ladies, Sheena Alford-Jacobus acts like a good person & even talks down about home wrecking women but she is just as bad if not worse.

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By Ronald

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