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This whore was my husbands ex, who I became very good friends with. But we had a falling out. || I married my husband in 2011. Our marriage was going great until November 2013. I found out he was talking to other women. We planned for a divorce but I gave him another chance because 1: He hadn’t slept with anyone, and 2: I loved him and wanted my daughter to grow up in a two parent home. So we started mending our relationship. || In august 2014, my husband started sneaking over his ex girlfriends, who was also a friend to us, house. They had sex on many occasions. I didn’t find out until May 2015, a week before my birthday, when I tried to befriend her again.She confessed that they had unprotected sex and that she had asked him to get her pregnant. I was three months pregnant and I was a high risk pregnancy because of hyperemesis. || She also told me how they decided not to do it anymore because it was bad but around February, when I was about to give birth, they exchanged naked pics and she told him she was down to fuck again. I also found out he was planning to cheat on me some more with another slut. || I confronted him and he told me everything, that he had always been afraid that she’d eventually tell, so he told her lies, saying stuff like I didn’t like her anymore and I didn’t want her around my kids. He told me how she said he should divorce me and she was in love with him and she’d leave her girlfriend and they could be happy together and have kids of their own. || I want so bad to see her face to face but she won’t do it, even blocked me on all the websites and he wont give me her address. My mother always said she didn’t trust her and that if i didn’t be careful, they’d do something behind my back. As for me and my cheating ass husband, we are in the process of getting a divorce. Good riddance.

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By Ronald

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