Shawna Mitchell – Surprise, Arizona Arizona


Now this dumb female not only failed to back off when she learned of me, the wife of 13 years, but went as far as deleting texts, emails and missed phone calls/voicemails sent from me to MY HUSBANDS CELL PHONE. Illegal, right? Mess with postal mail and its a federal offense, why would running interference on these communications be any different??? Kudos to Shawna Mitchell of the greater Phoenix AZ area, living in a condo in Surprise, AZ, working in Glendale at Banner Health as a Registered Vascular Ultrasound Technologist – for having an affair and breaking up this marriage/destroying my life, his, and all relationships with family members. Although she works as some sort of menial xray tech it seems she was able to afford trying to buy his love by whisking him away on multiple (approx 5 or 6) short vacations in less than a 12 mo period!! ULTIMATELY, HE ADMITTED TO “NOT BEING HAPPY WITH HER APPEARANCE.” (She only posts really old pics of herself because she may have looked like this a couple decades ago, but is now overweight and frumpy looking in our opinions.) Dumb man, dumb b^tch-takes 2 to tango!

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By Ronald

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