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I left for vacation to visit my family, and usually while I am gone my husband calls and txts all the time. This time I barely got any messages, and only 2 video calls but they were more for the kids than for me. After our trip was over we drove home and my husband was still acting distant. I figured maybe he was stressed at work and tried to let him rest. || Come to find while I was catching up on the bills that he had been calling and texting Shawna while I was away. These calls would last 30 – 60+ minutes and were made between 10pm & 1am in the morning. They both claim is was innocent but any calls between a married man and a woman than is NOT his wife at this time of night is anything but innocent. He even had the balls to call and txt her after I came home – again always late at night. They both still maintain that its”innocent” and that its”not like that” but seriously he’s married and he’s talking to a woman thats not his wife at these hours… and SHE KNOWS HE’S MARRIED… || We have been together for almost 7 years and have 3 children…all under 4. Spout the Bible ALL you want honey. Your actions show that your are a home wrecking WHORE…. how about you look these babies in the face and tell them why their daddy won’t be coming home anymore! || Since I confronted her she called my husband – of course your caught now BITCH… and has blocked me on FB. If it was innocent then she wouldn’t need to hide. Conveniently neither one of them can produce the txt conversation to prove their innocense either – coincidence…. I THINK NOT!

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