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This is a story of a person who has no life of her own. Shawn has known my husband for years and has been his booty call since my husband first marriage. She has been in several bad relationships with wrong men. Shawn is married to a man that is in and out of jail for cooking meth. As that revolving door has went go she has been with men that are dope heads and in return, losing her kids because of drug problems and the department of children services removing them from the home. || Now getting to the story. About week before me and my husband got married Shawn decides she can stop is from getting married by calling and texting my husband. Needless to say it did not work. It’s been almost 4 yrs with cunt and my husband playing around. Not to mention he bought her a BMW and put it in his name for her because she has no license. I have always stood my ground very well. I always figured that if going to spend money on a whore paybacks are hell. I am proud to say I have sold all of his tools and had his truck re-poed. || Yes I am still here with him just because he pays my bills and to make both of them miserable! I have set up account for myself because I am ready for the war because they will break and want to be together. I have always learned the person who has the plan and fires first wins everything.

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By Ronald

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