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So I dated this piece of shit for the last 5 years.. I thought that everything between us was perfect and I loved him a lot.. But little did I know that he was cheating on me with this chick Daphne M.Campbell (who I’m also exposing) who is a meth addict and has lost both of her kids because of it.. I found out about her thru facebook because the dumb bitch posted a picture of herself with my man. I was completely devastated and angry.. I called him and he tried to lie to me saying that she was a stalker and that he didn’t have anything to do with her.. Later I found out the truth and I broke up with him for awhile. || Fast forward 6 months he came to me begging me to give him another chance and that he loved me and that he was sorry for what he did and he would never do it again.. So thinking that maybe giving him a second chance wouldn’t be a bad idea because people make mistakes and maybe he had learned from it I took him back..Things were going really well and I was happy and we had gotten engaged.. Well just this last October I found out that he was cheating on me again with this chick Courtney Ramirez ( who I’m also exposing)..he had told me that he was going to San Diego to be with his family for 4 days and that we would see each other when he got back.. He left on a Thursday and I texted him a few times and he responded.. Then Friday I texted and called him and got nothing and then again on Saturday and got nothing.. So on Sunday I texted him what the hell is going on? Why aren’t you answering my texts and calls? And his reply was that he was driving.. And I thought wow really for 2 days.. I knew something was up but didn’t have any proof.. || Monday I called a mutual friend of ours and she tells me that there’s something she needs to tell me and that if it were her she would wish that someone would be woman enough to tell her.. She tells me that on Thursday he went to San Diego and picked up courtney Ramirez up and brought her back to our home town and had her in the bed that we slept together. She then sent me links to his hidden facebook page and Courtney’s Facebook page where there were pictures posted on her page of them from the weekend.. And when I confronted him about again he lied and said that she slept in his daughters bed with his daughter. Which I didn’t believe.. But he again begged me to stay because he didn’t want his daughter to be hurt and so I did only to find out 2 weeks later that he had Courtney up here again while I was working.. And when I finally told him it was over that I was done he told me it was because I never have time for him yet.. I’m dealing with my mother having cancer and I work full time unlike him who still lives at home with mommy and daddy who pay his bills and take care of his child.. || He’s 32 and going nowhere. I am so glad to be done with his ass and from what I hear not only is he back with Daphne but he cheated on me with 3 other girls but all I have of them is first names.. but to Daphne all I can say is bitch I hope you like having baby carrot penis.. I mean literally he has the smallest penis ever.. I hope karma bites all three of them in the ass because they all deserve it.. Both Daphne and Courtney knew about me and didn’t care that they were wrecking someone else’s relationship..

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By Ronald

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