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Beginning July 2015, Binh Pham collected $1200 from me, promising to order a set of specific, customized windows for my home. Instead of an actual reciept, he scribbles a note on a piece of lined paper (more specifically, my notepad that he happened to find sitting on my coffee table). Binh Pham was the one that measured my windows, and wrote down specifically what I wanted: double pane windows, three panels with decorative grid design and solar tinting. | A few days ago, he calls me and tells me that the order I had ordered came in wrong because he placed in the wrong one, and that I need to pay him more if I want him to place the right order in. I refused and told him that it is his responsiblity to send in the right order that was written up when we were in person. That it is not the customer’s fault if the contractor made a mistake. Binh Pham said it’s not fair that he has to cover his mistake and asked I cover 90% of the fees and he’ll cover 10% since he accidentally messed up on the order. | I further denied, and he further bargained, that he’ll reorder the windows correctly this time, if I promise to pay him an extra $300 on top of the agreed total window & installation purchase of $4000. He then continued and demanded that if I don’t pay him the rest of the amount plus the extra $300 he wants in order to reorder the right windows, he will retain my $1200 and not give me my windows. | He even told me to just deal with losing the $1200 because he’s not going to give it back and it’s not his fault that he sent in the wrong window order. Binh Pham even elaborately tried to explain how hard it is for him to melt and make windows. After a few minutes of arguing with Binh Pham in person, he walked out on me, his customer. | I’ve called the company he ordered my windows from and they told me they don’t melt windows, they have in stock, giant sheets of glass and materials which they just cut down to the ordered measurements and piece them together. | Binh Pham is obviously pocketing money and placing in cheaper orders that are different than what his customers wanted and later accusing his customers that it’s their fault or putting fault on the company he orders from. With this, he argues the need to not refund the customer their money for his mistake, or asking for more money if they want their order, ordered right. He’s forcing his customers to either pay him more than agreed purchase price, or lose their down payment permanently. | I don’t know how this company runs, but obviously, Sharpest Edge Glass LLC hires sharp tongue thieves like Binh Pham who steals from his customers. I will not pay extra for the company’s mistake and I will not throw away $1200 just because I refuse to pay more for them to fix their mistake. Either man up and fix your own mistakes or wait to face the law and watch your company lose more customers. | Available Solution: Reorder the windows that I actually placed correctly and install them professionally with no extra charges. Once windows are installed correctly, I will pay the difference of what was originally owed. OR, refund my down payment of $1200 back so I can go find a better company to order from, like Home Depot.


  • Name: Sharpest Edge Glass LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Denver
  • Address:
  • Phone: 303-357-3026
  • Website:

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