Sharla Koons – Chandler, Arizona Arizona


My husband and I were going through things, this nasty slore that answers phones at his work starts pursuing him. She KNEW he was married, we have children. She starts texting him 24/7 and invites herself over and starts having sex with him. he felt horrible and the sex was bad so he ended it. She throws a fit like a child, (as she is only 26) and then reports to company HR. This chubby troll leaves her own kid at home to go sleep with my husband and tries to get him to buy her things and tells him to stop spending time with his kids and me and to be with her. He ended things and after the company requested she have no contact and walk a different way, she walks by him daily, stomping her nasty hefer horse clomp feet trying to get attention. She is so gross I cant believe how many men she has slept with. she is a bunny boiler crazy chick that gets all serious so fast trying to get her own man. She needs to focus on shutting her legs and raising her son. Leave married men alone!!! troll

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By Ronald

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