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My fiancee (I use that term lightly we’ve exchanged vows and rings with our pastor present so we’re married without the paper so to speak) have been together for two years and have a beautiful 7 month old son together. Well this past summer we’ve been having some money issues so my friends who are in the carnival concession business hired him on for the season. We’ll the last week of July at the Hartford fair he met Shannon (told me they were old school friends, I later found out this wasn’t true) he video chatted me during his breaks so I actually saw her and talked to her, even invited her over to see our son, not even thinking. Hell, he introduced me as his fiancee and he never took off his ring so why she believed we were broken up is beyond me. I heard rumors from the other workers online but didn’t believe them and defended my fiancee, he wouldn’t cheat on me with all those people I know watching his every move on the job… but I was wrong. || He was home for two days when I discovered a few of the texts saying” I miss your touch”,” i love you”,”i cant wait to be back in your arms”…I immediately messaged her and told her that she was being inappropriate with a taken man and not to be a homewrecker. She claimed she didn’t know, whatever. Well she bowed out gracefully and I tried to move on, he swore he didn’t touch her, and it was all talk, but a few days ago I found pictures on his tablet of her naked, or in skimpy lingerie, and pictures of them at the fair holding each other smiling for the pictures and one of her on his lap kissing him…. || She’s gone now but the damage is done, I want to try and rebuild my relationship for the sake of my son, but every time I close my eyes I see that image of that other woman kissing him… everything was deleted in the resulting fights and I’ve blocked her on all social media but not until I came across her instagram. The pictures and talk I saw on there just prove she’s nothing but an easy slut and she doesn’t care if a man is taken or has a family or not. She’s a homewrecker alright, idk if my home will ever be the same because of her…

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