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My story, and the story of my 11 and 8 year old boys, began on December 6, 2014. That was the day my husband, for reasons unknown at the time, flew into an out of the blue rage and ‘moved’ to the couch in our downstairs bedroom. It was so unsettling to the boys and I, and we just couldn’t understand what was happening in our home. || Now we know. What happened was a woman named Shannon McGarry Rose. Shannon is also a mother of 2 children and also married. I am 15 years younger than my husband. She is 20 years younger. I don’t drink. She is an alcoholic, whose public records show numerous arrests for DUI and public intoxication. I am a stay at home mom, and have been for the whole of my boys’ lives. I don’t really comprehend when she spends any amount of time with her children, as she works during the daytime and spends nearly every evening with my husband, usually until midnight or beyond. || I began asking my husband who he was having an affair with after Christmas. He still was sleeping downstairs on the couch. He no longer came home, except after midnight and always left around 5am. So, in essence we never saw him anymore. If I did see him, usually involving me getting up early with anxiety, he had taken to screaming and berating me. His new favorite choice words for me were, ‘retarded street whore,’ ‘stupid c*&*,’ and ‘f’ing b*&^%.’ I was at a loss. I was breaking down and falling apart; heartbroken & hollowed out. || He announced, a week prior to Christmas, that ‘we have no money to finish Christmas shopping, as we planned.’ It was nothing extravagant, I assure you. My children are not spoiled, and this year I was very clear with them that we were asking them to make smaller lists than usual. They were perfectly happy to oblige. The boys were also emotional messes, from their dad suddenly removing himself from our family. They both were having nightmares, crying spells and anxiety over regular activities. I felt untethered, as I had no real answers to give my children regarding why our life suddenly felt so terrible. || I was positive he was having an affair, after my 40th birthday. He gave me nothing but a card, and it read like a hallmark greeting card. I remember my stomach turning over and feeling ill as I read the perfectly civil well wishes. And I knew. || So, I waited. I waited for the bills to come in the next month. And they did. I knew he would be sloppy because he was running around like a 15 year old boy, in a 55 year old man’s body. He was agitated, mean and verbally abusive to me and the boys. I just knew he couldn’t keep all the balls in the air. || The bank statements confirmed all of his lies. During Christmas time, when he stated we had no money for presents, he was wining and dining Shannon McGarry Rose at fancy restaurants nearly every night….restaurants located about a mile from our home. He was buying jewelry and gifts for her. He purchased a new cell phone. He established a new secure router wi-fi connection, from our home! || Did I mention that just prior to this discovery, he began acting totally normal again? He came home, was sweet as pie and engaged with all of us again. Life began to feel ok again. I started asking myself if it was worth throwing away 13 years of marriage, if maybe he had just had a nervous breakdown, or a quick affair; something I never would have considered at 30. || He began groping me in the kitchen, kissing me goodbye, calling me pet names. I can’t lie and say it didn’t feel good. Yes, there was a niggling feeling of ‘this is not ok,’ but just to have his love again, no more fear and see my boys smile…it felt like enough, for now. So, we started having sex. During sex he called me ‘his wife,’ ‘his home,’ ‘his true love,’ and would go on and on professing how ‘in love with me’ he was. It felt like we were at least on a path to reconciliation. || I got sick suddenly. It wouldn’t go away. After finally seeing my doctor, I discovered I had contracted an STD. Nothing too terrible, but an STD nonetheless. || And then, 2 months after the fact, during my kids’ February break I received the most insane email of my life from my husband. In it I was told that ‘I deserved the truth.’ He confessed to having an affair, ended our marriage and said he was ‘in love’ with someone else. He said I ‘would like her and should meet her.’ That she ‘will be in the boys’ lives.’ Apparently, according to him, I wasn’t even good enough for a phone call….forget about an in-person conversation. || I asked him to come home and have a proper conversation with me, to finish things. He not only did not respond, but instead went out with Shannon, getting dropped off by her at midnight in front of our home. || That weekend, Shannon called my cell phone, as my husband had given her my number. She said, ‘Sorry to call, but I’m on my way to your house and can’t reach Peter. Can you get him up for me so we can go out?’ Though I didn’t hear this voicemail until later, I did hear our front doorbell ringing bright and early in the morning and my 8 year old son answering it. I heard a woman’s voice saying, ‘can I speak with your mother?’ And I flew out of bed and went downstairs to find my husband throwing on his clothes. He pushed me out of the way, sprinted down our front stairs and, feet literally dragging on our street, jumped into her moving vehicle…in front of our child. || Once I heard the voicemail, I called Shannon. We talked. My husband sat next to her in her car listening to what she said to me, never intervening. She told me that I ‘needed help,’ ‘had anger issues,’ ‘should see a shrink,’ and ‘should let Peter go and be happy.’ He sat there. Did nothing. || Ummmm, excuse me?? How about you allow the dust to settle for more than 30 seconds? How about you get some boundaries? Maybe you could try respecting our children, especially if you claim to love their father. Why not try respecting yourself and your own children, who you leave night after night to have sex in a car with my husband. || I started remembering other ‘mysterious doorbell ringings’ of late, other strange car honkings in front of our house, other ‘unavailable numbers’ suddenly calling my cell. She began texting me that she was going to press criminal charges against me. I think she thought she could because I wasn’t especially nice to her. Not sorry. And, not criminal. || She and my husband are still sleeping together. I told her once to ‘enjoy the first time he calls you a retarded c**t..’ Her brilliant response, ‘How do you know he hasn’t already?’ Alrighty then. You two seem well suited for one another. || I began receiving emails from people I barely knew, who knew her. People telling me Shannon McGarry Rose is best know as CSA, locally. CSA? Cock Sucking Alcoholic. I am not making this up. || She is not a friend to other women, not a decent mother to her children and nobody who will ever spend time with my children. || My husband is an attorney who specializes in high conflict divorce. What a laugh! Luckily everything I know, I’ve learned from him. He has not only lied himself blue in the face to me, but to Shannon as well. The difference between me and Shannon, is that she believes his crock of lies and I don’t. || Like I said, they are well suited together. They are both predatory unscrupulous liars, who think about their crotches. || Done.

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