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I’ve been married for 5yrs with my husband 7yrs we have 4 children (2 his). My last child had me in the hospital for 2-3 days every week, I was at high risk and reg Dr every week from the start, my daughter was 51/2 wks early. I happened to be calling my husband two weeks after she was born, he sent me to voicemail, so knowing something was going on for a few weeks because of his attitude and mean demeanor towards me and our children, I checked his voicemail to get the message”Hi its me, I just pulled in to the house, I love You” … I hung up, and called repeatedly till he answered, I caught him so off guard he tried blaming a friend and I knew it wasn’t a friend, so I threatened to go to the friends wife after about 7hrs of demanding answers and a phone number, he admitted to the affair. It supposedly started out as her wanting him to do construction work, and leading him to odds and end jobs that never panned out. Then in Oct, during our sons 4th bday and my bday the affair starts. Our child had to be stopped from delivering in Oct where he and I were at the hospital continuously. He was paged at the hospital by her because she didn’t believe where he was. After days of crying I just gave birth to a preemie, he finally said lets go I’ll take you to her, and he did, took me right to her employment where after having an emergency C-section, he was holding my belt loop to keep me in the car. He told me about her stalking my FB knowing about my life, our life, her threatening to come to me, talking about she was going to raise our babies, cause they belong with him and her. He left me and our son on NYE to spend the NY at a bar with her. He changed phone carriers because I was able to follow his calls and he didn’t like it when I started telling him about it in Oct. || I got an email from her son with pictures of his shirt she took, his necklace, cards, flowers, and Christmas gifts which is hilarious because he gave her boots from a trash can. and her son a 10yr old painting canvas. Her son was giving me details and information, which to this day, I laugh hysterically because he said My Mom isn’t the whore you think she is, HE has been chasing her for 10yrs, which is funny cause he was married before and never left his first wife for her after a bout with her. Apparently, her son doesn’t realize if your Mom has been married 8-9 times, at 40 something she doesn’t have a stable home, job, or relationship. She thinks karaoke is her calling to the music business, and cigarettes are attractive on a woman. Telling me about my husband climbing the balcony to tell her she better not admit to knowing him (all of which my husband had already told me) That my husband told her we don’t even sleep in the same room, which is apparently how I got pregnant by sleeping in different areas of the house, not going out with him to concerts, dinner, lunch, sons sporting events, school functions. She took his truck key out of his wallet along with other info. If he doesn’t go in public with you and he is supposedly getting divorced from his wife and children. Why do you think you’re a secret and he won’t be seen with you in daylight? He would leave home early for work to go to her and come home late b4 after seeing her, and coming in to our home EVERY SINGLE DAY kissing me before he leaves telling me he loves me, calling me to say he loves me, coming home and climbing in bed to wrap up with me every night except for maybe a weeks worth of falling asleep on the couch with our son watching tv and drinking a beer after work. I knew one morning when he told our 4yr old he couldn’t go to the store with him and was gone 2hrs something was going on so I kept my eyes peeled. Lies of moving furniture for a friend who happened to live with her. || As I confronted a woman who wouldn’t look me in the face, kept her eyes down looking at her phone, almost not acknowledging the man beside me then she announces how pathetic and disgusting he is, so I said so pathetic and disgusting you jump in to bed with him? She said not your bed, I answered you’re f’in right I”d have burnt that b*tch. She screams about his first wife, and how it was a mutual agreement we were getting divorced, yet no papers filed, he has his wedding band on, my name on his truck, as she’s telling me he was stalking her, mind you, he’s taken me with him everywhere, on demand that I go even when he knew I felt horrible pregnant, bleeding problems. This woman calls in the middle of the night or texts. I had her sons messages on his phone, hers, I’m a Yankee she’s a”southern belle” who gets what she wants. Not this time. I Love my husband, I hate him for letting this happen but she’s not going to win or ruin our family. My husband demanded marriage counseling, found a dr and made me go even though he knew I wanted to punch him in the throat. I gave him my wedding band, to which he wore on his neck for 5 months until he begged to put it back on, and asked me to remarry him. I gave her the chance to give me her side while he stood beside me, and she looked and asked if I was threatening her, I laughed and said I don’t make threats, I do have a son that’s 20 and he’s about to come find you. You and his stepdad have tormented and destroyed his Mom. I asked my husband how he could fall in love and still be in bed with me? He said he never fell in love, he walked away from her and never contacted her and she was/is pissed. He said he told her he loved her, cause she kept threatening to come to me and as long as he kept her at bay and appeased her she wasn’t finding me. I explained she wasn’t coming to find me, cause if she LOVED him, so much, finding me would mean losing him. So he said he couldn’t perform at times, he would purposely have relatives with him at work so he couldn’t see her or she couldn’t find him. She goes to Hardees on Sundays to take her family biscuits, yes we waited on her at Hardees the first day, she never came thru. She is all about God and family, yet she thinks her actions with a married man, expecting a baby, with 3 other children and her being married 8 times is all about love. So Miss Shannon, you see, the south lost, and its lost again. || After all of this I’m still not at a place of happy, but I’m getting there with help from the beautiful angel I was given and a slip up on your part of leaving a message for me to find. He told me how he confided in her about how I was so mean and hateful, and my kids were disrespectful to him and she tried using all of this info to destroy what I’ve held on to. I talk to his exwife, and she knows all about this sorry person now, and back when he was married to her. || This woman thinks children are made from different rooms or a stork dropped them off, apparently that’s how she got hers. She thought she was going to marry and raise my family, again, wrong. I know her hangouts, friends, family and I have absolutely no qualms about walking up to them and embarrassing my husband and her, since she thought it was OK to call the hospital while I was trying to save my daughter by not delivering early. He won’t let me out of the car unless he opens the door, he grabs my hand at all stores, in the car, he won’t let me lay alone now, he won’t go to bed unless I’m in it, he left his job, and put our house up for sale because he says, he wants as far from her and all the problems moving to the south has entailed for us. His family knows what she looks like, drives, and places she goes. But, my guess is, my husband is not the first married man she’s been with, and he won’t be the last unless people like this site put her out there. || So here she is, meet the southernbelle, wannabe country singer, who posts herself all over the internet singing.. I do wonder tho, if the song Say Something that she posted she was thinking of MY husband, cause I guarantee he isn’t thinking of her. So the hand jobs, and her bragging about being a size zero, while his wife is 6-7 months pregnant, all while she looks at me a week after she leaves him an I love you message and says she finds him to be disgusting.

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