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Ok here is my story… I went down by my parents for the weekend and I noticed the way my husband was being and thought of nothing… Well before we got married he would send his ex wife sexually messages and he would tell me he was only kidding.. Well I told him he had two choices stop sending the messages to her or I will leave.. He decided to stop sending her messages and we got married in October 26 2013…than here to find out they been talking for a month.. I have no clue what they been talking about at all.. But I knew deep down it was about them getting back together.. Well I decided to make a trip to my parents place and stay for the weekend.. He started sending me messages about cheating and he was done.. I was like what the hell is he talking about… Well here to find out on June 13 2014 he went and got dirovce papers.. I was so pissed and hurt.. He keep fighting with me and than I was like whatever.. Well than I told him I was done and he said no let’s work it out.. Well I end up getting call that my husband and his ex wife end up staying at a hotel with their kids and ended up fucking her and left hickeys all over her neck.. I called him and started screaming at him and told him how the hell can you do that while being married.. All he could say was I’m done and I’m happy with her than hung up… This bitch is a control freak and just straight up nasty as hell.. She runied my marriage and took my husband from me.. I wanna beat her Ass so bad but I’m like no its not worth it… I know down the road here soon she will cheat on him and he will try to come back to me but that’s not happen at all…. She will fuck anyone with a dick and let her kids get hurt too…I mean she even fucked her step father.. Bitch didn’t do anything until her father killed himself… The second photo she is in the pink jacket… How can a bitch like her rune my marriage to a man that I thought was good to me and loved me…. Nasty Ass hoe.. Watch out wife’s because she will try to take your man next…

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By Ronald

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