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Shane Halstead (Electric) Came to my house and gave an appraisal for the maximum being 8 hours to complete all work. He did tell me that if it took less time, it would be removed from the bill. I had already installed 10 cameras outside so it left only 3 for him to install inside. He was suppose to complete the rest of installation for all that was needed in the attic and walls. This was to complete all of the electric and network wiring to and from where the nightowl was placed to the camera’s and WiFi location. He was supposed to be here at 8:30 am, he was not. I called him at 8:45 am and he said that he was on his way. He got here at 9:00 am. He started his job and it was hot outside. He worked for a bit and I seen him hanging out by his truck. I went to see him and asked him if he was alright. He said yes it is just so hot up there, and then went back to work. Later he came and asked me if he could stay in with AC for awhile. | I said yes. He kneeled down for around 15 to 20 minutes. He went back to work. He came and said that he was going to go and eat and he had to get the correct circuit breaker from Lowes. The one that he had was incorrect. Over one hour later he returns. He starts on doing the job again. He was getting close to finishing and then stopped without hooking everything up and completing what he had agreed to do. He had already loaded his truck and was filling the bill out and left at 4:00 pm. He stated that he would come back and finish the work. When I completed putting wire into nightowl I notice that he installed the cameras wrong, they were upside down. | When I went to adjust the cameras 2 out of the 3 fell out of the celling that he completed. Luckily the wire held them from crashing to the floor. I fixed the way they were put up by redoing it. Then I seen that he did not attach the WiFi cable through the wall to the nightowl. I had to do that also but did not know how to get it through the wall. So now it is placed coming through the ceiling in the garage. He was suppose to fill in the holes that he drilled to ensure that bugs, wasp did not enter. He did not do that either. I am an older man and this is the first A__ hole that has ever done this to me. BBB tried to get him to correct it and he would not. He lied to them and said that he gave me one price to do it all (which he never did it all). However I have an estimate from him stating by hour not one price as he lied about. So to everyone that makes a mistake by using this person get everything written down that he agrees to do. Also that you don’t pay him for the time that he is not working for you. The biggest thing is not to pay him at all until he is 100% completed. He also has a nice website (Below) that helps to get the wrong opinion of him thinking that he would be great. He shows up in a little truck very old and does not have parts to complete standered electrical jobs that he had looked at when doing the appraisal. Then he wants for you to pay for him while he drives to get the right ones. Look at his web site and you will see that he lied about taking care of his jobs.


  • Name: Shane Halstead Electrical
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Dickson
  • Address: 1735 Westfield Rd
  • Phone: 615-789-0162
  • Website:

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