Shaly VanOrder – Homewrecker Oklahoma


Shaly recently began seeing a married guy, Heath Pennel of El Reno, who was also helping to raise a son from a previous relationship of his now former wife’s.The former wife works with Shaly and thought that they were friends. The boy has grown up knowing Heath as his daddy. As far as the former wife knew, the “marriage” (basically like common law) was fine. When approached and questioned by the former wife, they lied about it and Heath, after having only known Shaly for 5 days, decided to move out and simply did not go home again. He now lives with Shaly. Shaly knew full well that he’d been in a long term committed relationship with a child involved. But she actively pursued him anyways behind the wife’s back. Now the former wife and son are absolutely devastated. Heath has given no reason to why he chose to leave and refuses to even have a simple conversation. Shaly has two kids of her own that she’s done all of this in front of. Heath abandoned his son and now plays daddy for her two children and she encourages it. I’m a friend who heard a lot of this myself and saw proof. The former wife is unaware of me posting this here. What I’ve posted is factual public knowledge of the events, nothing more. The photo provided is a screen shot of a photo posted temporarily to the public on a social media account by Shaly. It was then quickly removed from public viewing.

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By Ronald

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