Shae Wilkerson – Homewrecking Hussie Oklahoma


So this lady and her husband own a staffing company. My ex fiance received a job through that company and that is how they met. She is very handsy and touchy towards her clients. She is married with Children herself. She ended up receiving his phone number through the job application and started messaging him. Time goes by and I’m still unaware. Well he leaves his phone on the counter and it keeps dinging. I check it and it was her. I was so irate. From nudes to sexting. I left him. It hurt me so much. Watch out Tulsa….keep her away from your man. He was saying her infant may be his. She is a ho. I would never wish this nightmare on anyone. Her husband is still unaware of her affair. I don’t have the heart to say anything. Well I’m now free from my ex due to her. Like I said…beware Tulsa.

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By Ronald

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