Sexy Corals California


Complaint: Sexy Corals is selling coral specimins to reef aquarists, at over 10 -100 times, normal market prices. They are selling on forums, such as Reef 2 Reef, where their is little, to no oversight, or regulation. If anyone questions Sexy Corals’ prices, or business ethics, even requests a price match, they’re posts are instantly removed from the forum, and the original poster is disciplined. Analysis of images from Sexy Corals shows, that they are likely doctoring coral pictures with photoshop, and using employees under false forum accounts to manufactuer coral crazes, to promote sale of their super highly priced livestock. They have one of the highest shipping rates in the industry, and a very poor alive arrival gurantee.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 2437 E. Chapman Ave Fullterton, California USA


Phone: (714) 626-8824

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By Ronald

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