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On Friday 02/10/2014 night a strong sewer gas smell was happened in my house, originated from the basement toilet | Next day I called to 24/7 plumbing service “Sewer Heroes, Inc.” and their technician Christopher came to fix it. After video inspection (?..) of the main sewer pipe he told us that the pipe is totally collapsed and the cheapest way to restore it is epoxy resurfacing of the pipe for $2177.50 (?!). It was just before the next night and we had no other choice… He did something but the sewer gas smell stayed the same and we (me -82, my wife -78 and our son in low) were suffering another night (nausea, eyes irritation, etc.). Next morning we found that that the toilet stool became unstable after the repair, because broken old bolt was used by the technician. I called to the company office and talked with Michael Salgado on what’s going on: nothing useful for me even worse has been done for the huge money I have paid. He sent Christopher once more to fix the problem for less money $1088.75… Next day, when Christopher shifted the toilet stool to replace the old broken bolt, we noticed that he even did not change old broken rusted toilet flange (see photo attached)? More than it he used old wax ring (even part from garbage …). I paid him $1088.75(!?) but he did not return the previous check on $2177.50 and I have succeeded to return this money only by the immediate stop payment of this check in my bank “Chase”. Next I found that he stole from garbage my copy of the invoice on $2177.50 that I tore in his presence just before his departure… After all these tricks next morning we found that water leaking from under the toilet stool each time when flashing out… I called to the office once more… It was fixed…, but it was enough! | I realized that I should stop dealing with such nonprofessional irresponsible service as that of provided by “Sewer Heroes, Inc.” in order to conserve even the rest of my plumbing system… | I want my money $1088.75 received by tricks “Sewer Heroes Inc.” back! | Victim of “Sewer Heroes,Inc.” plumbing “service”. Eduard Godik


  • Name: Sewer Heroes, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Briarcliff Manor
  • Address: 1245 Pleasantville Rd
  • Phone: 914.482.8429
  • Website:

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