Service master by logan columbus Ohio


Complaint: I am writing this complaint in hopes to reach someone before this happens to anyone else. When employed by this branch with Greg and Michelle Logan as owners i had found that they wanted more than just my labor. Greg had presumed to tell me that him and his wife are swingers and was wondering if i would come clean their house for extra money. Once there, i was very pressured into sexual acts by the owner and his wife. I am not sure what they are all about but as a past service master customer i am assured this is not how your company name is used. I am deeply troubled by this issue and i will be taking measures to contact the media, bbb, and any other review site i can. These people are creepy and if you meet their criteria they will need you for more than just cleaning. DO NOT USE SERVICE MASTER BY LOGAN ! ! CALL A DIFFERENT BRANCH ! ! ! I had called the office to ask about filing a complaint, Greg got on the phone and told me to go f**k myself and goodluck with trying to make him look bad. Share this report and let them know that you cannot treat people like THAT. P.S. The forth day there i was confronted by Michelle Logan to do drugs (marijuana). I was beyond shocked and appauled. I thought i was on a tv show or something and someone was gonna just pop out and say i got punked. But that did not happen. These people are crooks, liars, sexual offenders, and drug users. THANK YOU ! ! SHARE SHARE SHARE ! ! !

Tags: Cult Organizations

Address: 3995 Thistlewood Dr columbus, Ohio USA


Phone: (614) 875-5400

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