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Complaint: Medical care in Ohio involves many patient mistakes – but the problem is, even for women MDs, that when mistakes are made you are supposed to cover up & lie – change the story – rather than admit things so that simple mistakes at least can be corrected. The conspiracy of silence exists & runs the State Medical Board in Ohio. The Ohio Medical Board makes mistakes, and has no policy to handle these errors and get physicians back to work with a re-entry program. The Medical Board in one ‘innocent’ case has changed more policies & rules than thought possible; every time the woman MD’s attorneys would file for dismissal citing the breaking of a rule, or the Board not getting a filing in on time, the rules were changed to allow the Medical Board to cheat – procedurally. There is not a policy, or rule, that can’t be changed in favor of the Ohio State Medical Board by the Board Members – overnight. It is a kangaroo court – when the woman’s attorneys would need clarification – the clarification would come after the time to file. Forty-plus states have laws about this – that you have to admit the mistakes or risk that your facility, office or hospital will be closed within a week – Pennsylvania has the strictest Medical Board law on this. They are called MEDICAL MISTAKE LAWS – and we don’t have them in Ohio – and Tom Patton hasn’t a clue what they are, how they work, or why the need for them. Physicians coming from Pennsylvania, to Ohio to practice, are in culture shock at the culture of ‘cover up,’ or lose your medical license policy, for not handling things in the ‘right’ way. Currently before the Ohio State Medical Board gives one woman MD her medical license back, they want extensive counseling, and for her to not mention the bad care that she experienced 20 years ago – conditions which have almost killed her as she has an untreated bone condition from the mistakes 20 years ago. The bad care has never been improved – the orthopedic is still allowing fractures to ‘ripen to excrescence.’ This woman MD was not allowed routine blood work, because of what would be found that her male MDs missed, before her license was taken for ‘making too much of admittedly bad care.’ The problem: that Tom Patton hasn’t gotten the records (he can subpoena them if the Board won’t produce them, but he won’t), and ordered an external investigative review on the case. Governor Kasich won’t order a review because of what that review would find – that Governor Kasich has been negligent in monitoring and over-seeing the actions of the State Medical Board of Ohio. Lowering taxes won’t correct this waste. This ‘cover up the mistakes’ policy is especially problematic for more recent grads of Medical Schools & residency training programs – where the training has been to admit the medical, surgical or drug mistakes early on in patient care, and thereby try to save the patient. The states ‘covering’ this medical mistake approach allow that the physician acting in good faith in this way cannot be disciplined at the Medical Board level, or have points leveled against their malpractice insurance. The physicians don’t have to admit their culpability in the mistake, just that they recognized the mistake and acted to correct it. It is a no-fault policy when things are done in the right way. Medical mistakes happen: blood work is omitted, fractures are casted wrongly by orthopedics with not enough experience – and there needs to be a way to correct this without expecting that the patient will just accept the injury and get psychiatric counseling. Psychiatry is not the way to handle CORRECTABLE MEDICAL ERRORS – which have to be referred or consulted on early – and Ohio has no way to handle this. The problem: Tom Patton is going along with the ‘code of silence’ about what is going on at the Medical Board. This breaking of the code of silence is an ‘impairment’ – to get more disciplines & suspensions than any other state (including Pennsylvania); the taking of women MD licenses for not handling mistakes with lying about them is a policy at the State Medical Board of Ohio – and a Governor Kasich policy. The problem comes when the woman MD has to lie about her own medical care. Just know Parishioners of St. John Neumann that: Tom Patton will do nothing about the HUGE problem of medical mistakes in Ohio, so that when you experience a mistake it doesn’t have to be referred, consulted on, or corrected. And this can be quickly lethal with medication errors (heparin, chemo), biopsy errors, and x-ray errors. Know that Tom Patton will let a woman MD lie rather than admit problems at the State Medical Board of Ohio with falsified cases, or if she can’t lie he will go along with the loss of her medical license – for as many years as it takes to kill her. Father Kriege knows about the problem – but he’s hiding it just like the Diocese hid the priest-child abuse problem. It’s not enough to not be the abuser; hiding any system abuse, of any person, is morally wrong – be that person a child, a wife, a woman MD, a person in a retirement home, a State Senator or Congressman/woman. These ‘false’ Medical Board of Ohio impairment cases each year waste millions of taxpayer dollars on frivolous investigations of physicians – which include their personal lives, dating histories, PAP smear and PSA value publications – anything to embarrass is put into public records to force the physician to sign a deal (a pile of lies). You can be as ‘straight as Jesus’ and still be lied about as a w***e, too ‘seductive,’ or having some kind of gay/l*****n FANTASIES that waste the time of the Medical Board in ‘confidential’ discussions. And you can’t do what Jesus would have done – turn the other cheek as your medical license & reputation is involved. That ‘you and your homosexual friends’ are involved in some kind of whatever (even when the woman MD has no friends, homosexual or straight) – because you won’t sleep with your male orthopedic who has a monied tennis court wife & two kids – is the scenario. The current Interim Director of the State Medical Board of Ohio – Kimberly Anderson – is the QUEEN of false investigations and public records personal details – the QUEEN of this type of physician BLACKMAIL. The Medical Board should not be inventing cases, inventing sex lives for physicians, and inventing psychiatric diagnoses when women MDs don’t want to get cosy, personal, or familiar with their male orthopedics in the Biblical ‘personal habits’ sexual sense. The Medical Board is not a call-service, an escort service, or a colleague provision service – those arrangements have to be made by the individual physicians and not on Board time. The taking of medical licenses for provisional, hypothetical, or otherwise unproven allegations has to stop. This is a separate problem than the ‘confidential’ physician complaint system, a system which allows insurance companies, exes, spouses, Medical School classmates, or colleague competitors to ‘get back’ without ever being responsible for the lies, the misinformation, or the ‘provisional’ that the Board can’t prove but acts on. It’s a no-fault system like none other. Eliminating Ohio Medical Board actions for provisional, or hypothetical, will stop some of the problem, eliminating ‘confidential’ physician complaints is really the issue. You can’t prove, or disprove, a case that is ‘confidential’ – however it can keep attorneys in houses for decades – which was the thought ie keep the lawyers of Ohio in a job. However, State Legislators can subpoena, if necessary, these files – and they choose not to – they choose not to see the problem that needs the reforms. Tom Patton won’t speak to one of the woman MDs involved in an admittedly wrong situation at the Medical Board – he can’t understand it when she uses medical terminology, even when she tries to explain in Strongsvillese – she has a MENSA IQ and he doesn’t – so he writes her off for the ‘kill track.’ She’s his age, comes from a family of nine kids, and they might be ‘friends’ in any other circumstances – but that won’t happen – she’s dying of neglect and heartbreak and he can’t see it. This is where Tom Patton stands – going to confession saying that the he allows the lies for his own political PR and ‘get along with the boys.’ And the St. John Neumann kids, who toured the Columbus Capital & his offices, are supposed to go to confession for Lent, while the Adult Evenings of Communal Penance are just jokes. Senator Patton has the self-justification excuse that if he allows the lies, he will be able to be the State Senator – that the possible good that he does will justify killing someone else’s career and chance to have a family & children. It’s the me-first policy that Tom Patton lives by – despite being a Catholic – and this makes people think that Catholics are hypocrites for the most part, e.g. against third trimester abortion but electing President Obama, against lies except when the lies can be beneficial – this is the Tom Patton excuse that the ends justify the means – Commandment #11. If you don’t have a college degree, you lie, because you don’t have the smarts to see through the lies. But he should be telling the truth – and the truth might get him elected to a higher office even without the college degrees. Because what voters really want is the truth, in simple 5-8th grade terms – which Tom Patton has the diploma for. No one should be killing women MDs who made it through Medical School & residency – they deserve to get appropriate & timely medical care with the male MDs held responsible for providing this care – the hazing ends in residency. Tom Patton needs to take a stand against the continued ‘hazing’ of women MDs in situations where they seek medical care – that’s not the appropriate time for a male MD to mention that you have to ‘understand him because his wife doesn’t.’ And Tom Patton needs to understand the grade school pastorism that the ends do not justify the means – ever.

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