Seltzer’s Services Wilson North Carolina Review


After watching my parents pay Damian Seltzer well over $800, wait for phone calls that never came, no show appointments to correct problems. Being lied to about what we could expect to see in our new lawn, then realizing after weeks of Seltzers Service disapearing act, my parents who worked hard their entire lives, now just wanting a beautiful lawn to enjoy while being newly retired, are victims of an awful lawn service company whom steals money from anyone they choose. I am disguisted and I cannot believe the gaul of these con artist. I hope you rethink how you conduct business in the future. My father, the man you ripped off, served 42 years in the US Army. He is a Vietnam Veteran, served 2 years in Afghanistan during the Golf War, then turned 60 while on a tour in Iraq serving in the Iraq War. I will be sure to inform others of your bad business practices so others don t have to deal with being ripped off. Please rethink how you treat others, and just be honest!

2937 Forrest Hills Road SW Wilson, North Carolina USA



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By Ronald

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